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oh i just love how Iyawn has talked so much S about the the people who disconnect games! well Iyawn how come every time i play you as a guest, you know that i will win so you disconnect. scared of losing??? huh? you are the biggest loser hypocrite!!! you truly are a pathetic individual!!!LOSER IYAWN
for Tactics 100 Live on 10.25.09
the fake Glassman is Turdsack(turdtron)/Lahatiel(Lahooser)
for Tactics 100 Live on 10.18.09
so you like em young huh? you are a very disturbed individual, you chimo!!! hey Iyawn since you are so good at word breakdowns. can you tell me what s.t.f.u. means? you sicko pedophile!!!
for Tactics 100 Live on 10.02.09
hey Leper you shut the * up you little pansy loser. you are sick because your face looks like your neck threw up!!!
for Tactics 100 Live on 10.01.09
bonnieclyde i just played you as a healer army and beat you the other day. so are you talking about? Turdsack are you saying too. if you such a high record than why dont you use it? maybe because you dont have one that high? thats what i think. a cheat=people using more than one account!!!!
for Tactics 100 Live on 09.14.09
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