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Blackrose your so mean!...
for Chat Live on 11.12.10
wow you guys are right, rabald is a sucky mod. He banned me when I didn't even say anything. That's just wrong...
for Chat Live on 10.26.10
Well I guess I'll take the bitter with the sweet on that. But I don't suck anymore than you mr. Glassman. I beat you 2 out of 4 and you know it. But I did lose to the big lebowski. So I cheated and I lost. I don't think so.
for Artillery Live on 03.22.10
Oh Fantastic Black rose, your so wonderful, really. I am not gay, and right now I'm thinking being not gay with you, really.
for Chat Live on 03.02.10
I might have said it, except that you accused me of being gay. So I don't really wanna welcome you back. Sorry about your broken internet though, I can totally identify with you.
for Chat Live on 03.02.10
...that... is not funny.
for Chat Live on 01.23.10
I abuse the right to click the abuse button when other people use abuse. lol
for Chat Live on 11.04.09
Lexi, you sound like and ungrateful brat. At least the old lady gave you some candy. If you had come to my house you wouldn't have gotten anything. lol Are you offended when people call you blond or something? Are you blond? Blond is beautiful.
for Chat Live on 11.01.09
Well, we all like youtube, I guess. link
for Tactics 100 Live on 09.13.09
Richie, that's more like it. That song was actually not boring, but also not me. xD Or if it is, then this is you: link. But I still think the song you just posted is better than this one. Anyway, stop mis-typing my name. I should have been Lion.
for Tactics 100 Live on 09.13.09
Glassman, what a dirty rotten thing so say. But I don't care. You don't make me cry, you make me laugh, cause your just pathetic. You spend more time on the computer than you do with your wife. You should talk to her. (note: link
for Tactics 100 Live on 09.13.09
RAGING MAD GLASSMAN! You disconnected me! I'll show everyone. ( link ) No one disconnects me and gets away with it, cheater! Why did you do it? Cause your afraid that I will eventually beat you. hah!
for Tactics 100 Live on 09.11.09
I hate you, shut up you two-faced fiend. So! Playing me is "as fun as getting a limb amputated" huh? Wow, I love you too. Playing you is as fun as....being in an igloo for an hour (I guess) Also, you would rematch someone who you "routinely" beat so that you can get more wins. >.<
for Tactics 100 Live on 09.04.09
Yeah, but many times it's a piece of crap when you play multiplayer also. I just got another stupid loss due to lag, and I wasn't even lagging. omg. Yesterday I was lagging, but I didn't lag out of the game. =O Loses due to lag are so unfair, even if I'm not the one losing.
for Tactics 100 Live on 08.29.09
Oh crap, you are so funny. So it's too hot to go outside? Well, I went outside yesterday, for 3 hours. Why don't you just go outside in the heat and sweat until you smell like crap lol. And while your at it, get a sun burn.
for Artillery Live on 08.12.09
Oh yeah! I can spell big words too, you solitary simpleton. Not big enough for you? Your a crystallized cockroach. You have Triskaidekaphobia. You even have decent player phobia. In fact you have everything phobia. You are not Honorificabilitudinitatibus.
for Tactics 100 Live on 07.25.09
Cool, I'm the first person to play this. But this game is pretty lame.
for Hitstick 4 International Killer on 07.02.09
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