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lol 5th again...? xD anyone makin a lil joke against chu... makez chu boot them... self esteem issuez maaaan... chu need help... im jus bein truthful
for Chat Live on 02.21.11
XD lol another wanna be troll
for Chat Live on 11.28.10
ummm chu mean no one that likez chu right Nikki xD jokez
for Chat Live on 11.22.10
XD XD XD how the... XD
for Chat Live on 11.13.10
lol another stupidity insult... really... cant chu think of anythin a lil more original man, and np Ginny, chur awesome
for Chat Live on 11.12.10
lol and sexy iz wat she iz o.o for real
for Chat Live on 10.27.10
awww she aint, how the hell iz she fake... o,O
for Chat Live on 10.27.10
go buy a pair of shoez with lightz in them -.-'
for Chat Live on 10.04.10
lol, f-ing tree hugging waste of space, btw to the ppl that read that and dident get the sarcasm, u know wat, maybe u are better off in a cubical ^-^ Peace
for Chat Live on 10.02.10
lol, ur funny, thatz why i like u ^-* Peace
for Chat Live on 09.27.10
dude, Sweet dosent online date btw, so stop tryin lolzzz. And i dont think i belive she could hav been racist man. Peace
for Chat Live on 09.20.10
for Chat Live on 09.11.10
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