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Bobby <3
#59 by Amanda said 10 years ago
link <-------------------------------sick song..!!!!..!!!!..
#58 by Rabbittrece said 10 years ago
Lol...tasted more liquor than mixx?...that sucks when u do...cuz then u wanna blow chunks...u should always put in ur mixs cranberry juice or orange juice...that way u cant taste nothin but juice...but b careful...u will get fed up!!!!
#57 by Rabbittrece said 10 years ago
hahah shut up, NO. I had a couple mixed drinks but I definitely did not measure correctly.
#56 by Amanda said 10 years ago
I am happy to inform you that I got completely wasted on new year's eve. Just for you
#55 by Amanda said 10 years ago

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i dont wanna make sense cuz i aint gonna straight up and put u on blast...i jus leave little clues so someone can put em together....yeah so dude dont try 2 come like this nice guy cuz u aint...u a dog jus like all of us....
for Chat Live on 10.29.09
u put me on blast last time.....jus returning the favor...2 faced Hypocrite..
for Chat Live on 10.27.09
i can talk as much as i want.....im not a fake..so try again..u talk masa about me with dumb girls.....look at u...Hypocrite...
for Chat Live on 10.26.09
Lol..this is so sad...who can b dating a fake pic of someone..LMAO..poor dumb little girls...
for Chat Live on 10.26.09
not talkin 2 u cracker...
for Chat Live on 10.14.09
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