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Maybe i'll go to New York on april or may 2010,just like that,i wanna see it!I'll looking 4 jazz clubs and try to play in,meet somes musicians,have fun and to visit The Empire S.B,the Statue of the Liberty,Brooklyn bridge,Central Park..And where are that forest of very high trees,Sequoïa?
#12 by SER_HYO said 10 years ago
Demain c'est mon dernier jour auprès de mes parents,de ma soeur et de mes 2 neveux!Mañana,es el ultimo dia aqui con mis padres,mi hermana y mis 2 nietos.Last day tomorow with my parents,my sister and my 2 nephew........
#11 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
2:43am,Wednesday yet..ssstiime fffoor bed now,bye you all and take care with you!!9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1...0 .. . .-end-logoff-france-
#10 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
3 month and 10 days,that how many time i stayed here in Paris,where i was born and living.Last days on my hollidays,last days with my family;mother,father,my sister and her sons..I will surely be sad the first days at home,I live at 636,52 miles from my family.
#9 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
2:27am-France,somes clouds and raining a bit.Air is so cold,but birds are singing again.Soon it'll be the full moon,so beautiful.I'm in Paris,i will leave it on thursday 24th April,because i live in south of France,a small town called Perpignan.
#8 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
Here is 3:12am!!I think it's time to sleep for me!In US,it's only 9:13 or 10:13pm!Sometimes i give an answer 10hours later the message i received!!!(is that correct writing??)
#7 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
Women are so beautiful!!I love women,i can say that because i'm single,when i'm with a girl,she become the only one for me!I'm waiting the sun,the weather is still cold here!!PlZZZ my friend SUN COOOOOOOOOME!!!!
#6 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
El sol ya viene aqui,ya era tiempo,no me gusta el frio!!I will start again training on my guitar,in summer (yeah!!!Cool!!SUMMER!) i'll start again give/play concert and get money,musician is my passion,my job too!!Beautiful life!!
#5 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
My nephew Lucas91 is very very coool!!He know many things,he play guitar like me!Maybe we'll play together when he'll become a good musician!!
#4 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
I add you,you add me,he or she add them,we add you!This is the Add mission,to advertise for to be add!Everybodyyy,need somebodyyy,someone to love! love! love!Hem...well that's all,and don't worry,everything's gonna be all right!J'espère que tout le monde va bien!
#3 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
Well,here it's 12:20AM,i'm watching TV.I'm in my sister's home for hollidays since 14th january!!It's cool,there is people from many country here,i love meet new person!!weeel see everybody later,hasta luego!!
#2 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
Heellloooo,heeellluuu everybody!Single i'm,je suis célibataire(FR),no soy ligado(ESP),registred 1day ago,so,ho ho!! what'll happens next days,weeks,month...
#1 by SER_HYO said 12 years ago
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