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omg that was Monna. i am sooooooo sorry. well not really.
for Chat Live on 11.26.10
ur chat is allways weird peace. just like u lol.
for Chat Live on 10.08.10
beka wat is ur prob. me an mariena talked it out girl. and its got nothink 2 do with u anyway. yay ryans account is disabled. cool
for Chat Live on 08.13.10
im confussed ryan?. u booted some users for cussing. yet u allways say 2 me cussing is allowed. so u moan when i boot 4 cussing yet u do it as well. somebodys 2faced. ryan ur not even a mod? u have no right booting any1 anyway.
for Chat Live on 07.15.10
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