Hiscore API Integration

Gamebrew is looking to integrate great games into our easy-to-use hiscore API. Just add two lines of code where you display the final score. You can leave in your ads, your logos and links, all we want is the hiscore integrated.

Game requirements, no exceptions:
1. Game must have 3 or more stars in Newgrounds, Kongregate, Crazy Monkey Games or Gamebrew. Five or more stars in Armor Games. Send me the link!
2. Game width must be less than or equal (or scaled with no problems) to 640.
3. Game must remove any external highscore links or tables.
4. Game must be sponsored, owned, or created by you.
5. Game must be Flash AS2 or AS3 only.
6. Game must be approved by ME!

The hiscore code AS2 wow easy!
var lc:LocalConnection=new LocalConnection();

The hiscore code AS3 hmm a bit much ...
import flash.net.LocalConnection;
import flash.events.*;
function onStatusEvent(e:StatusEvent):void {};
function onSecurityErrorEvent(e:SecurityErrorEvent):void {}
var lc:LocalConnection=new LocalConnection();

Hiscore special modes and exceptions:
If your game has more than one mode of play, or its scoring is unique such as its in seconds or lower is better. Then please give us a list of all modes and the sort order. I'll email you slightly different but still as easy code.

Ready? Click here to contact us!
Games Integrated So Far ... (existing +10)
1. Tower Panic! - Frederik Hermund
2. Abstracta - Frederik Hermund
3. Xenocrate 2 - GradientCircle.com
4. Paddle Ball - GradientCircle.com
5. Planet Ride - GradientCircle.com
6. The Royal Feast - Disciple of Fred
7. The Royal Feast 2 - Disciple of Fred
8. Plant Life - Rhu
9. Cube Crash - OceanBreezeGames.com
10. Pobble - OceanBreezeGames.com
11. Western Shoot - OceanBreezeGames.com
12. Redneck Olympics - OceanBreezeGames.com
13. Alphabet Jungle - OceanBreezeGames.com
14. Dog Fight - OceanBreezeGames.com
15. Ocean Catch Memory - OceanBreezeGames.com
16. Deep Sea Dive - OceanBreezeGames.com
17. Crystal Caverns - OceanBreezeGames.com
18. Absolute Zero - OceanBreezeGames.com
19. Hairdressing Bald Men
20. Helibot Mk5
21. The Flying Platypus - RobotJam.com
22. The Game Called Bob - RobotJam.com
23. Blobuloids - RobotJam.com
24. RoboPogo - RobotJam.com
25. Kebab Van - RobotJam.com
26. Squre Evasion Championship - StormVideoGames.com
27. Super Zombie Shooter - StormVideoGames.com
28. Speedclick - Slasher145
29. La Cucaracha - OverloadStudios.com
30. Tank Defense
31. Splatter - RobotJam.com
32. Critical Mass - ClockworkMonster.com
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